Medal holder 11th Airmobile Brigade


This unique, beautiful and sturdy Medal Holder 11th Air Brigade is perfect for wearing medals on your Veteran tenue and / or your own jacket / blazer!
The praying Falcon has been incorporated into this holder especially for all men and women of the 11th Airmobile Brigade. A standard is supplied with the 11th Airmobile Brigade Medal Holder to display your medals for decoration.

IMPORTANT: Please read the instructions carefully before placing an order. This indicates which options can be chosen from so that you order the correct size for your tenue and the number of medals made!
“Veteran Discount: Validate your status as a veteran through my account and receive a discount on this product.”


Product description

Where core values ​​of Airmobile Brigade are expressed in thee Medal holder 11th Airmobile Brigade

Courage, dedication, resilience, hardened, versatile and proud are represented by your medals. In addition to wearing it on your Veteran tenue and/or your own jacket/blazer, these may also be visible in your own environment, at home or at the office. The medal holder has been released especially for the men and women of the 11th Airmobile Brigade, containing the praying falcon with two crossed swords logo incorporated below it. Coated in a wine red/maroon colour.

The right Medal Holder 11th Air Brigade for your Veteran tenue or suit.

You place the medals in advance on the holder before you slide the holder into the breast pocket. There are 12 models available, so it is important to know which holder is right for you.
Which size is the right one for your jacket/blazer?

Chest pocket depth

Depth matters in choosing the appropriate option. The measuring point is where the breast pocket edge is lowest.

14 to 15 cm: S
15 to 16 cm: M,
16 to 17 cm: L

Number of Medals

The number of medals made determines the next choice for you.
Note: This is a guideline.

1 Medal? Choose option 1.
2 of 3 medals? Choose option 2-3.
4 of 5 medals? Choose option 4-5.
6 or more? Choose option 6-M.

Please note: Watch out for 6 medals! Depending on the width of 6 medals, you can also choose the 4-5 option. The width has to do with the layout of the medals. Therefore, measure your layout in the width. Is it less than 17.5 cm? Choose for 4-5 medailles.

Fixation type:

With this, you indicate which type of attachment your medals have.

o Long pin, or safety pin, long stick. They run parallel to the medal plate. These are still the older fixing in the Netherlands.
o Short Pin. These are short pins that sit perpendicular to the plate.

Difference format medals
There are several companies that make up medals. They all have their own mounting plates and distances of mounting pins on the rear.
This was considered when designing the Medal Holder Veteran, to ensure that as many differently formatted medals as possible can be attached to this holder.

Medal holder tabs bent over for the long pin

Long pin:
Before ordering your long pin version, it is essential to have accurate measurements. Here is a brief explanation to help you measure:

Overall Width (Holder): This is the width of the holder on which your medals will be attached Simply measure the overall width of your medals.
From Bow to Bow: This is the minimum length needed for the closure of the long pin to fit outside the curved arches.


1 medal: Width: 4.5 cm | From Bow to Bow: 3 cm
2-3 medals: Width: 5.5 cm | From Bow to Bow: 4.5 cm
4 – 5 medals: Width: 11 cm | From Bow to Bow: 7 cm
6 and more medals: Width: 16 cm | From Bow to Bow: 14 cm

When you receive the Medal holder then you may continue to customise it the version short pin to long pin. Click here for instructions

Short Pin
:Before ordering your short pin version, it is crucial to have accurate dimensions. Here is a brief explanation to help you measure:

LMB size S4-5

Overall Width (Holder): This is the width of the holder on which your medals will be attached Simply measure the overall width of your medals.
Outer Width (Pins): If you have 2 or more pins, measure the distance between the 2 (outer) pins. This is the space between the leftmost and rightmost hole in the holder where the pins fit.

1 medal: Width: 4.5 cm | Exterior Width: 2.7 cm
2-3 medals: Width: 5.5 cm | Exterior Width: 4.7 cm
4 – 5 medals: Width: 11 cm | Outer Width: 9.7 cm
6 and more medals: Width: 16 cm | Extreme Width: 13.7 cm

The origin of Medal holder 11th Airmobile Brigade

Veteran Jan started his military career with the 11th Airmobile Brigade. Here he did several deployments before transferring to the Marechaussee What the heart is full of, is acted upon… that’s the way Medal holder 11th Airmobile Brigade*
designed and developed. Jan proudly presented this at the VRB reunion in May 2022, where the bd. Major General Nico Geerts has purchased the first Medal Holder 11th Airmobile Brigade.

Where core values ​​of the Airmobile Brigade are reflected in the medal holder 11th Airmobile Brigade.
The demand for this Medal Holder Veteran came from the veterans who have purchased a Veteran’s uniform. Veteran tenue. They proudly wear their Veteran’s uniform at ceremonies as well as private occasions.
Pinning on medals will, after a few times, cause small holes in your jacket or blazer. Co-initiator veteran Jan Wildeboer has jumped on this with the company Metaalmorfose. They have designed and produced a unique, beautiful and sturdy Medal Holder Veteran*.
In doing so, they also considered the design of a standard*. With this stand, you can give your medals a place of honor in your home so you can proudly show them off to everyone! Instructions for your stand *The rights of the design are with Metalmorphosis.

Adjustments on the plate of your Medalholder’

Both the medal holder (with the praying falcon with two crossed swords logo below and the indication of your size S, M and L) and the stand are made of 1 mm thick steel and are powder coated. Multiple 2mm holes and slots are drilled to accommodate most formats. The formatting of BOVOMED onderscheidingen is fully adapted to this.
It could be that (if you had the layout done elsewhere), a pin doesn’t correspond to the many holes/slits on the plate. This will then require self-work with a drill and 2mm drill bit. If an extra hole(s) has to be drilled, it is advisable to touch up this with black lacquer to prevent rust. BOVOMED onderscheidingen (awards) can support you to drill a hole in it for free.
Our advice is never to use a grinding wheel to work the plate or support on the Medal holder! This will allow the powder coating to come off (becomes too hot) resulting in rust.

BOVOMED-onderscheidingen (awards)

André Vogel is the veteran behind BOVOMED-onderscheidingen. He advised us on the placement of final dots/dashes to confirm as many diverse layouts of medals as possible. If you would like adjustments for your medal holder 11th Air Brigade, have loose medals or would like advice on your made-up medals, please contact him. He will then look at what is possible. You have also come to the right place for drilling an extra hole in your medal holder 11th Airmobile Brigade!

Additional information

Product specifications

Chest pocket depth

L – 16 tot 17 cm, M – 15 tot 16 cm, S – 14 tot 15 cm

Number of medals

2-3, 4-5, 6-M

Type of fixation

Long pin, Short pin

Gewicht Netto

400 grams




400 gram


54 × 16 × 21 cm


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