Natural Clay The Batan


Discover the secrets to radiant skin with our Natural Clay de Batian, cleansing mask! Enjoy a renewed hue and embrace pure beauty!

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Discover the secrets to radiant skin with the Natural Clay of Batan cleansing mask!

Infused with the purest Batan Natural Clay and a powerful combination of plant extracts.
This mask penetrates deep into the skin, promotes circulation and absorbs impurities. It purifies pores, removes excess oil and reduces swelling and inflammation.

Experience a clean, radiant complexion and discover renewed skin with this cleansing mask.
Mix the powdery clay with water to a silky smooth paste before applying. Apply the mask generously to your skin with a soft brush.
Let it do its work quietly while you relax and wait for the mask to dry completely. Remove the mask gently with water to protect your skin, avoid rubbing.

Envelop yourself in pure beauty and enjoy the benefits for your skin.

“Free of parabens, sulfate and petrolatum, with no added fragrances and synthetic ingredients. In addition, our product is not tested on animals.”

Ingredients: Green clay, water, glycerin, calendula

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Green clay, water, glycerin, calendula


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