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“Discover the power of connection with the Veteran Girl Click – more than just a piece of jewelry, a symbol of honor and solidarity among women veterans worldwide

This is a VG product and can only be ordered by a validated female veteran.

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Veteran Girl: A Click to Pride and Bonding

Veteran Girl is not only about honoring women veterans, but also about creating a sense of recognition and connection among women veterans.

Each VG Click is not only a symbol of honor, but also a sign of solidarity among women veterans. It is a powerful statement that says, “I see you, I recognize your power and I stand beside you.” “You don’t have to explain anything to me.”

So when you click the VG Click on the bracelet Bold/ Leather Suede, keychain and/or Veteran Style necklaces, you are not only clicking on a stylish piece of jewelry, but also on an expression of support and understanding. It is a small gesture with a big impact, connecting women veterans around the world in their shared experiences and achievements.

We invite you to become part of our community, where women veterans are celebrated and supported. With every VG Click, with every piece of jewelry, we show that together we are stronger.

“Veteran Girl Click” can be perfectly complemented by Veteran Style clicks. These beautiful clicks, including VG, fit seamlessly with matching necklaces, bracelets and key chains from Veteran Style. With the option of also obtaining the pendant separately, you can endlessly mix and match to create your unique style.”

This is an exclusive product for validated female veterans: experience the power of recognition with our VG products. Validate your veteran status through my account and discover a tribute to your courage, dedication and other women veterans.

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