Paracord Friends Red Beret


Whether you are currently active, a veteran or just want to be part of this special community, this Paracord bracelet bears the symbol of camaraderie and caring. Show the world that you are part of the Friends Red Beret

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Product description

Paracord Friends Red Beret Bracelet with Silver Clasp

Reinforce the feeling of camaraderie, connection and care with pride through our exclusive Paracord Friends Red Beret bracelet. This unique bracelet symbolizes the close-knit circle of the Friends Red Beret (VRB) association, in which active military and civilian employees, veterans and post-actives, all with a history with the 11 Air Mobile Brigade, share a lasting connection together.


  • High Quality Paracord: Made for durability and versatility, ready to carry the connection.
  • Silver Clasp with Insignia: Display the Friends Red Beret symbol with pride on the silver clasp.
  • Circle of Care: This bracelet embodies the commitment to stay connected and take care of each other, now and in the future.

Affiliation of the Friends Red Beret:

  • Actives and Veterans: A unique circle bringing together active military, veterans and post-actives of 11LMB.
  • Shared History: All have contributed to the 11 Air Mobile Brigade, creating a lasting bond.

Comradeship and Care:

  • Staying in touch: Regardless of past or present, VRB members stay in touch.
  • Caring For Each Other: The bracelet represents the commitment to caring for each other within this special circle.

Wrist Size

We can’t stress it often enough: measuring is knowing! Because everyone is different, it is best to measure the size of your jewelry carefully beforehand. This avoids disappointments and sending jewelry back and forth. You can very easily measure which size is the right one.

You can very easily determine which size to order.
Measure your wrist circumference “all around” measured with very little space (2mm) with a tape measure, for example, at the place where you will wear the bracelet.

Make sure the tape measure can still move just a little. If your size is 19 cm, order 19 cm as well. Do you end up with a half size e.g. 19.5 cm. Then round it off to 20 cm. Do not specify lengths of other bracelets, which are 1 or 2 CM longer than your wrist circumference

Paracord shrinks 0.5-1cm with hot water

The team of Tough Bracelets, led by Veteran Edwin and Home Front Citty

Additional information

Product specifications


10 cm, 11 cm, 12 cm, 13 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm, 22 cm, 23 cm, 24 cm, 25 cm, 26 cm



Stoer Bracelets



400 gram




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