Veteran Style bracelets, Bold


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“Veteran Style Bracelet, Bold: Tough leather, sturdy clasp. Add clicks for a personal touch. Sizes S to 2XL( see below for cm). Add clicks for a personal touch. Wear proudly and order now!”


Product description

Discover the “Veteran Style Bracelets, Bold” -.

a powerful expression of pride designed specifically for veterans, military personnel and the home front. Made with high-quality leather and fitted with a sturdy metal clasp, this bracelet symbolizes not only style, but also connection to the military community.

With three click connectors, the “Veteran Style Bracelets, Bold” offers a unique way to share your personal experiences, feelings and memories.
Add Veteran Style clicks specific to veterans, military and home front pride, and wear your story with pride on your wrist.

Choose from a variety of sizes to ensure the perfect fit:

Size S: 18 cm
Size M: 19.5 cm
Size L: 20.5 cm
Size XL: 22 cm
Size 2XL: 22.5 cm
To determine your matching size, simply measure the circumference of your wrist.

The “Veteran Style Bracelets, Bold” is not just another accessory; it is a symbol of courage, sacrifice, strength and connection. The leather and metal evolve over time, so each bracelet tells a unique story.

Also discover the matching“Veteran Style Keychain Bold” and the “Veteran Style Metal Necklace” to further express your pride and connection.
Let your style speak for itself and wear the “Veteran Style Bracelets, Bold” with pride and respect.

Your style, your pride, your story – wear it with our unique leather suede bracelets.

Matching Veteran Style Clicks available here.

Give A Unique Gift – To Yourself or Others

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Product specifications


2X Large, Large, Small, X Large, Medium



Veteran Style



100 gram


22,5 × 2,4 × ,54 cm




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