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Even if you stand on your head, your Medal Holder Veteran/ 11th LMB will stay on your jacket. The WoV Magnet Veteran is specially designed for veterans who wear their medals with pride while wanting to present them practically and stylishly.

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Product description

Experience the power and style of the WoV Magnet Veteran.

This small but very powerful magnet is designed with attention to detail. The unique design shows the veteran’s badge in the center with the World of Veterans logo in the background, beautifully rendered on a doming.

Key features:

  • Powerful Magnet: Small but strong enough to hold your medal holder firmly in place.
  • Unique Design: Detailed doming with the carrying insignia veteran and World of Veterans logo.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for medal holders, but also nice as a refrigerator magnet or anywhere else.


  1. Optimal Positioning: Holds the Medal Holder Veteran and the 11th LMB firmly in the breast pocket, allowing the medals to hang flat instead of falling forward.
  2. Safety and Stability: Prevents or significantly delays the medal holder from falling out of the breast pocket while bending forward.
  3. Versatile and Decorative: In addition to being used for medal holders, it is also perfect as a decorative refrigerator magnet.


To use the WoV Magnet Veteran, remove the protective plate (metal) from the magnet with both hands. Place your fingers between the plate and the magnet, without pulling on the doming. Place the magnet on the inside of your jacket, directly behind the medal holder. The higher you place the magnet, the more the medals will hang flat instead of falling forward due to their weight. When removing the magnet, also use both hands, place your fingers between the magnet and the jacket and gently remove the magnet.

For whom:

The WoV Magnet Veteran is specially designed for veterans who want to wear their medals with pride while presenting them in a practical and stylish way. This product is ideal in combination with the Medal Holder Veteran and the 11 LMB.
Plus, it’s great for on the refrigerator, memo board and other magnetic surfaces around the house or at work.

Note! Avoid use near sensitive magnetic devices, passes and pacemakers. World of Veterans is not responsible for any inconvenience or defect that these items may experience through the use of this magnet.

Additional information

Product specifications




World of Veterans



20 gram


45 × 13 × 7 cm




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