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The WoV Community offers a unique opportunity to connect, strengthen, support and put your organization in the spotlight. Whether you are an association, foundation, enterprising veteran, military, or home front, we welcome you to become part of this thriving community.

As a member of the WoV Community you benefit from numerous benefits, including striking visibility within World of Veterans and your own personalized community page! Let your products and activities shine, not only on your own page, but also in the WoV shop and/or the WoV agenda. Expand your network by connecting with other members and become more visible in the world of veterans.

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Find out who is already part of our vibrant community! Explore the pages of our community members and learn more about who they are. Discover their great products, services and exciting activities.

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Would you and your organization, foundation or business also like to join our community? You can! At World of Veterans, we offer you the opportunity to create connection and visibility through our community. Click the “Sign Up” button, fill out the contact form and choose the “Community” option. We are happy to work with you to see how we can best contribute to the growth of your organization. Let us know what activities you undertake for our veterans, military and home front because WoV stands for community, for together.